February 5

Uncle Ike’s Funeral Service

Uncle Ike lost his battle with leukemia on January 29th at Kaiser in Santa Clara. The funeral service was held at their church St. Victor’s Catholic Church in north San Jose. The service was touching with their grand daughter Angelica beautifully singing Uncle Ike and Auntie Pinang’s song in tagalog. The funeral procession then followed to Lima Mortuary at Cedar Lawn Cemetary for the burial. Afterwards the family went to Kalesa Filipino Restaurant in Milpitas.

Uncle Ike is survived by his wife Josephina (Auntie Pinang) and their five children: Sonia, Boy, Ronnie, Fe (wait, I'm missing one), and their grandchildren.

  • The pall bearers bring the casket into the church.

  • We wait to proceed into the church.

  • At Cedar Lawn Cemetary in Fremont.

  • The priest continues his service at the cemetary.

  • Auntie Pinang lays flowers on the casket.

  • Family and friends at the cemetary.

  • The bouquet for Manong Ike.

  • Auntie Dely, Mom, Uncle Abot.

  • At Kalesa restaurant: Rose, Andrew and Mom.

  • Auntie Dely, Aunti Pinang, Auntie Ging, and Uncle Abot.

  • John and Auntie Dely, Auntie Pinang, Lorraine, Auntie Ging, and Elnora.

  • Rose, Andrew, Mom, Dad, John, Dely, Lorraine and Elnora.

  • Alan, Rose, Andrew.

  • Elnora and Alan

  • Alan, Lorraine, Elnora, Ronnie, Rose, and Mom.