February 21, 2009

Ski Dodge Ridge

On an early Saturday morning, Toby and I head over to Fremont to meet up with Andrew, Rose, and Cedric for a day trip of skiing at Dodge Ridge Ski Resort by Pinecrest high up in the Sierra Mountains. We depart Fremont around 5:40am and arrived at Dodge Ridge when they opened at 9am. We rented ski equipment there, Andrew rented performance skis, while Rose and Cedric signed up for first time lessons. While Rose and Cedric prepared for ski school, Andrew, Toby and I hit the slopes, first starting off on the lower short intermediate trails then heading up toward the higher lifts and runs. Before lunch Toby and I took lift 7 to the top of the peak (8,200') and took the Quicksilver Run which merged into very long Lower Stagecoach before heading back to the Creekside Lodge where we stopped for lunch (hamburgers). After lunch Toby and I headed back up to the peak for my favorite run. Toward the end of the day we stayed close to the lodge doing a couple of runs on the lower intermediate slopes and then watching Rose and Cedric end their ski lessons. We left Dodge Ridge when the park closed at 4pm and then loaded the Highlander and headed straight home to the bay area (3hr, 15min drive from Fremont). Thanks again for driving... we had a blast!

  • We arrive at Dodge Ridge getting our stuff ready.

  • Toby and Rose at the car.

  • Alan and Toby ride the shuttle to the lodge (which was very close)

  • Rose and Andrew in the shuttle.

  • Cedric and Rose trying out their equipment before their lessons.

  • Rose first time on skis!

  • Alan's first time to go skiing with his brother.

  • Andrew on the short intermediate "Gentle Ben" run.

  • Alan at the top of lift 3 at the top of "High Road" run.

  • Andrew striking a pose at the top of "High Road" run

  • Toby also at the top of "High Road" run

  • Toby at the 8,200' peak, top of lift 7, beginning of "Quicksilver" run.

  • Toby and Alan at the top of "Quicksilver" run (my favorite LONG run.

  • Cedric in his first ski lessons class.

  • Cedric in ski school.

  • Rose in her first ski lessons.

  • Alan trying to jump in his ski clothes (not easy)

  • Alan again at "High Road" run, heading up to the peak for the last run.

  • Toby on the very open "Lower Stagecoach"

  • Alan, Rose and Andrew

  • Rose and Andrew.

  • Alan saying bye from Dodge Ridge!