February 28

Kelly’s Birthday at Slanted Door

February is Kelly's birthday month! We treat Kelly to dinner at Slanted Door restaurant in the Ferry Building in San Francisco, we then head over to Louie's place on Castro for gifts and cake.

Eariler, Julie and Stephanie met Toby and I at the cottage in Menlo Park, then I drove up to San Francisco and headed straight to Louie's place on Castro. We found parking easily and dropped off Julie's baked goods and gifts. After drinks and socializing with Louie and his roommate Tom, we headed down to the Muni to head over to the Ferry Building. We arrived at Slanted Door where we met up with Kelly, Felicia and Sylvia. Kara arrived shortly after and Matt arrived during appetizers. Felicia and Sylvia surprised Kelly with a Happy Birthday necklace made with condoms! We had a delicious dinner and topped it off with a little birthday cake. After dinner we head back to Louie's to open gift and to sample Julie's individual baked mini birthday cakes. Kelly then opened up his gifts and birthday cards. We ended the evening at The Lookout just down the block for Louie's. We had a great time celebrating Kelly's birthday up in the city, hope you enjoyed your special evening Kelly! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Below is a video of the song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", the tune which played in the musical Birthday Card.

  • Julie and Steph (with Toby) arrive at our cottage in Menlo Park

  • Julie, Alan, and Steph (we first met in 2000 at Recourse Inc.)

  • Alan and Toby at Louie's place in San Francisco.

  • Cheers! Champagne and strawberries (thanks Tom!)

  • Toby, Louie, Steph, Alan and Jules at Louie's pad on Castro.

  • Louie and his latest bag to add to his collection.

  • We head to the Ferry Building from the Embarcadero Muni station.

  • Just before crossing the Embarcadero

  • The Bay Bridge makes for a touristy backdrop.

  • Steph and Julie greet Kelly inside Slanted Door.

  • Kelly and Louie at Slanted Door.

  • Kelly's 'condom' necklace!

  • Louie, Kara, Stephanie and Toby.

  • Stephanie, Toby and Alan.

  • Julie, Kelly, Sylvia and Felicia.

  • Cheers to friends and good times!

  • Slanted Door gives Kelly a birthday dessert.

  • Happy Birthday!

  • The entire gang at Slanted Door.

  • A dramatic Bay Bridge backdrop at night.

  • Sisters Sylvia and Felicia.

  • Back at Louie's we have cake and open gifts.

  • Sylvia and Kelly.

  • Gifts from Stephanie and shirt from Felicia.

  • Our musical IZ card. Inset: Kelly and Tom

  • Kelly with Kara, Stephanie and Julie.

  • Julie gets Kelly a mirror.

  • The entire gang at Louies.

  • After gifts we head over to the Lookout.

  • We run into Jeffrey at the Lookout.

  • Matt, Louie and Felicia.

  • Julie, Alan, Stephanie and Toby at the Lookout.

  • Toby, Alan and Kelly.

  • Time to call it a night! Outside the Lookout.

  • The gang! Happy Birthday Kelly!!!