March 7

Victoria & Romarr’s Baby Shower

The family attends Victoria and Romarr's baby shower hosted at Victoria's mom and Bert's home in Pittsburg. Mom and Dad head up early to Pittsburg so that they can prepare and cook the lumpia. I head over to Fremont and catch a ride with Andrew in his Echo. The house was full of family and friends celebrating the upcoming birth of their first baby girl due the first half of April. They played numerous games: clothes pin game (don't be caught with any body part crossed and you loose your pin; baby word scrabble (hard!), baby scratcher lotto cards (I lost), and then guess what's in your baby diaper (mine was a Snickers bar!). At the end of the evening, they opened a living room full of gifts. They received a lot of baby clothes and baby care items. I gave them a book, "Healthy Sleep Habits, Health Baby"; a first baby book, a hand/foot print kit, and a Target gift card. Congratulations again, Victoria and Romarr!

  • Hanging out in the backyard, eating lumpia.

  • Victoria by her "Its a Girl" cake.

  • Victoria and her uncle Alan.

  • Victoria and her dad.

  • Victoria with her parent's and grandparents: Rhonda, Linda, Nolita, Victoria, Andrew, Danny.

  • Victoria and her uncle Ed.

  • Another picture with Victoria.

  • The new parents to be, Victoria and Romarr.

  • Victoria's sister, Isabell, was winning the clothes pin game.

  • Bert and Andrew.

  • Romarr and Victoria cutting their cake.

  • Victoria and Romarr opening my gift.

  • More gifts and clothes.

  • ..more presents for the new parents.