March 15

St. Patrick’s Dinner

We celebrate St. Patrick's with a traditional Irish dinner at the Murphy's. That evening the Murphy's invited Gordon and Jenna, Karen and her son Dino and grandson Cody to dinner. We arrived first that afternoon, soon followed by Gordon and Jenna. They brought the Murphy's stout ale. Karen arrived shortly afterwards with her son Dino and his son Cody. Tim and Patty and the girls arrived around the same time. We had corned beef and Irish soda bread to celebrate upcoming St. Patrick's Day. Sheila and Jim and the kids stopped by on their drive home from Tahoe.

  • The Irish flag hangs proudly along side the American flag.

  • Murphy's Stout!

  • Olivia swinging high in the backyard.

  • Olivia and Alan

  • Olivia on the backyard swing.

  • Look! It's a shamrock!

  • Toby at the front door.

  • Alan, Bill, Tim, Kathy, and Patty.

  • It's dinner time!

  • Playing on the swing in Betty's backyard.

  • Georgia and her make shift hula hoop.

  • Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!!!