March 20 -22

Rollercoaster Weekend!

Jim, Brent, Randy and I attend two coaster events in Southern California: Knott's Berry Farms "Winter Solace" and Theme Park sponsored event "Westcoast Bash" at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Randy arrived from Chicago on Thursday and Stayed with Jim in Santa Cruz. On Friday, Brent and I met up with Jim and Randy at my parents in Santa Nella, and then Jim drove all four of us down to Southern California. We hit some LA traffic but arrived and checked into the Knott's Berry Farm Resort in plenty of time for the 6pm registration and buffet dinner. During dinner we met Mark and Brian, a couple from Santa Clara. The buffet dinner consisted of chicken, beef, salmon, various side dishes and an open bar. They provided live country music, held raffles and had a KBF trivia contest. After dinner and after the park closed at 10pm we had ERT (Exclusive Ride Time) on the coasters "Silver Bullet" and the new "Sierra Sidewinder"

Saturday we woke up early, had a light breakfast and entered the park at 8am for ERT of the coasters "Jaguar", "Boomerang", the drop ride "Supreme Scream", and to our surprise... "Xcelerator" (which was previously closed for maintenance). The park opened at 10am to the public and we took a break mid day before having dinner and the evening ERT (after the park closed) for the coasters "Silver Bullett", "Sierra Sidewinder", and now "Ghostrider". We ended the long day at 11:30pm. All day the weather was cloudy with a large wet cold front approaching from the north. This storm was going to effect the Sunday event, my friend Kit from San Diego decided not to come up for Westcoast Bash.

Sunday morning we woke up at 5:30am to check out of the hotel by 6:30am to arrive at Magic Mountain by 8am! It started to rain on our drive up to Valencia and while registering for the event the sky opened up and started to pour! Oh well, we were here and decided to make the best of a wet situation. Luckily Magic Mountain runs coasters in the rain. We did as much ERT as we could before the park opened at 10am. We rode "Revolution", "Viper", "Tatsu" (2x), and the ravamped "X2" (2x). Once the park opened we rode "Ninja", "Goldrusher", "Riddler's Revenge", "Batman". We then headed to the picnic lunch at 12noon. Right when we were about to get lunch it started to hail! But it came and went fast. After lunch we rode "Scream", "Colossus" and lastly "Goliath". By 3pm we were ready for the long drive home. Snow actually fell on our drive over the Grapevine. We arrived at Santa Nella by 6:30pm where we ate before departing separately home.

It was a successful coaster trip, wish the weather was nicer (a bit warmer and less wet!). I can now add two new coasters on my list "Pony Express" and "Sierra Sidewinder".

  • Coaster geeks: Randy, Jim, Alan, and Brent.

  • Friday night buffet at the Knott's resort.

  • Alan and Brent at the Friday night buffet.

  • Jim, Randy and Jim inside the park for the evening ERT.

  • Saturday morning ERT on Jaguar in Knott's Berry Farm.

  • Walking thru the deserted Camp Snoopy for the morning ERTs in Knotts Berry Farm.

  • Alan and Brent by Supreme Scream drop ride.

  • Brent and Alan on Boomerang in Knott's Berry Farm

  • Lucky us! Xcelerator opened for us... FWEEE.

  • Mark and Teri on Xcelerator (with their daughter and her boyfriend)

  • Randy, Brent and me.

  • Jim, Snoopy and Randy.

  • Jim, Alan, Snoopy, and Randy (we're looking at the other camera lady)

  • Brent R.I.P! At the Ghost Town cemetary.

  • Mark, Randy, Alan and Jim in Ghost Town.

  • We watch the Native American show "Mystery Lodge"

  • Sunday at a very wet Magic Mountain.

  • Viper after the rains left.

  • We ride X2 twice.

  • Friends we met while on this trip. (Mark and Brian, ? and ?)

  • Mark and Brian on X2.

  • In front of the Goliath queue.

  • Randy and Jim on the Colossus lift hill.

  • FWEE... Alan in front of his favorite coaster in Magic Mountain.

  • Randy, Sylvester, and Jim.

  • Randy and "Mr. Six".

  • On ride photo: Alan and Brent on Silver Bullet at Knott's Berry Farm.

  • Oh ride photo: Brent, Randy and Alan on Xcelerator at KBF.

  • On ride photo: Brent, Alan, Brian on Pony Express at KBF.