April 4

Toby’s Birthday Celebration at Julie’s

Friend's meet up at Julie's place in Cupertino to celebrate Toby's birthday (April 2nd), eat pizza and play games. We arrive that afternoon shortly after Kelly arrived, soon Stephanie, then Felicia and later Louie and Matt. For dinner we ordered pizza from Amici's across the street, Kelly made a salad, Julie fried up some crab cakes and Steph made bread sticks. After dinner Julie brought out her red velvet cake for Toby, and then he opened gifts. Julie gave him a cute bird feeder. We ended the evening playing a close round of Guesstures (our team won.. whoo hoo!), Price is Right on the Wii (Matt and Jule's won the showcase showdown!), and Mexican Domino's (Matt won!)

  • Julie's new bed.. it massages, angles, and is super comfy!

  • Julie preps for her dinner guests.

  • Kelly brings Julie blue iris.

  • Cheers to everyone. We drink Bellini's: champagne with Peach puree.

  • Alan and his Bellini.

  • Toby and Louie

  • Alan and Louie test out Julie's bed.

  • Julie and her well stocked bar.

  • Kelly, Stephanie, and Alan.

  • Happy Birthday Toby.

  • Pizza time, we order three pizzas from Amici's.

  • Toby, Louie and Stephanie.

  • Felicia, Kelly, Alan and Stephanie.

  • Julie, Louie and Matt.

  • Red Velvet cake... HAPPY BIRTHTDAY TOBY.

  • Alan and Toby.

  • Toby opening his gifts. Julie gives Toby a bird feeder.

  • Kelly, Toby and Louie

  • Time for Guesstures, we had two teams. Winners: Steph, Kel, Toby and Alan.

  • The gang.

  • The silly gang.