April 5

Toby’s Birthday in San Mateo

On a warm Sunday afternoon we head up to San Mateo for Toby's celebratory dinner with the family. Along with his parents and Aunt Betty were his siblings Sheila, Martha, Tim and their families. Toby received numerous gifts like a hand crafted grape vine star, gardening shears, a Sunset gardening book and a kite. Hope you had a wonderful birthday weekend... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  • On Toby's actual birthday, April 2nd I gave Toby a bouquet of flowers.

  • In San Mateo, Charley swinging around in the backyard.

  • Toby, give Georgia a push on the swing.

  • Olivia and Emily show us their Chinese dresses from Chinatown.

  • Martinelli's for the kids.

  • Georgia and her Martinelli's.

  • Alan and Toby.

  • Toby and Sheila.

  • Gift time! Toby opens up gifts and cards.

  • Gift time! Toby opens up gifts and cards.

  • Cake time! Angel food cake.

  • Steve and Martha.

  • Betty and Bill.

  • How many on a bike: Charley, Tim, Olivia and Emily.

  • Charley's old bike.