April 12

Easter and Andrew’s Birthday

The family celebrates Easter Sunday and Andrew's birthday at my parent's home out in the Central Valley. I head out very early on Sunday morning to my parent's house and encountered very light traffic. My brother and his family have been there since Friday evening in hopes of going fishing (too windy to take the boat out on Saturday). Sunday was a very nice, calm (no winds) and warm day (almost 80 degrees). Late morning I hid the plastic Easter eggs (some in shapes of basketballs). Some had candy while most had coins and $1 bills. Cedric and Colin had a fun time searching for the eggs. We then opened up our Easter baskets and then Andrew opened up his early birthday gifts. Dad also opened up his late birthday gift (from February!). We then had a turkey late lunch and then a birthday cake for Andrew. We all headed back to the bay area mid afternoon. Happy Easter!

  • Colin throwing his snack food along the gutter.

  • Cedric out for a bike ride.

  • Andrew with Colin on a sunny Easter morning.

  • Colin on a rock.

  • Purple was the color of the day (for me at least)

  • Mom with the plastic Easter eggs (and b-balls) for me to hide.

  • Grandma and Colin.

  • Rose gets Cedric and Colin ready for the egg hunt.

  • Rose guides Colin to the hidden treats.

  • Cedric finds the hidden treasures easily.

  • Cedric opens up his findings to reveal candy and money.

  • Rose and mom go over their Easter treats.

  • Mom with all the colorful easter egg shells (and basket balls)

  • Cedric with a basket full of goodies.

  • Dad enjoying the family get together for Easter.

  • Colin with his uncle Alan.

  • Dad showing his expertise with a spinning top.

  • The kids opening up their Easter baskets.

  • Andrew opening up his birthday gifts.

  • I too get an Easter basket!

  • My gifts to Andrew, a big foot shirt and an Ebay gift card.

  • Dad's late birthday gift, magnets of the family.

  • Happy Birthday to you...