May 9

Louieā€™s Birthday at Santana Row

We celebrate Louie's Birthday early with a Saturday night out at Santana Row. Toby and I saw Julie, Louie and Chris sitting in the lounge area of Straits as we drove down the street, after valet parking the car we met up with them. Felicia and Kelly met us there shortly. After a few rounds of drinks we moved over to Il Jardin for tapas and drinks. At Il Jardin we celebrated Louie's birthday with cards and gifts (from Kenneth Cole) and a condom lei from Kelly (they lei had missing condoms... hmmm)

  • Toby, Louie and Julie at Straits

  • Felicia and her Mango Vodka and Alan with his Sapphire/Tonic

  • Alan, Louie, Julie and Chris.

  • Louie and Felicia at Il Jardin

  • Louie and Chris at Il Jardin

  • Cheers! Happy Birthday Louie!

  • Kelly gives Louie a Condom Lei!

  • Kelly and Alan

  • Time for gifts (all from Kenneth Cole!)

  • Felicia and Louie

  • Louie opening cards and a special Sobe Cap!

  • Toby and Alan.

  • The gang at Il Jardin

  • Kelly and Toby.

  • Alan and Julie!