May 16

Passport to Sonoma Valley

This weekend was the annual "Passport to Sonoma Valley" event. You pay once then tour the valley visiting participating wineries sampling countless wines and unique food pairings. Julie picks me up in Menlo Park, then we head up to San Francisco to get Louie who was staying at Chris' place in Ashbury Heights neighborhood. Then we drive to Russian Hill to meet up with Matt and then get coffee at It's A Grind. Matt's co-workers, Vivian and Christine join us and then we pick up Lindsey in the Marina, and then we were off to Sonoma.

Our first stop was Viansa Winery where we registered and picked up our wine glass. There were numerous wine tasting spots at this picturesque winery atop a hill overlooking the Sonoma Valley. Then we headed up the road to nearby Gloria Ferrer Winery. By this time the temperatures starting rising eventually reaching the mid 90s. Our third stop was the very entertaining Anaba Winery and their personable propriertor John Sweazey. This was a new winery and had some very interesting blends, I bought their 2007 'Coriol' White. Our next stop was Valley of the Moon Winery and the last stop of the day was at Kunde Family Estates where we saw guys swimming in their pond... they were asked to leave! By this time the event hours were ending and we headed back into the city

Once back in the city we have an early dinner at Little Thai on Polk street just around the corner from Matt's place. Then later we hung out at Matt's place watching the sunset over the Golden Gate on a beautiful Saturday night in the city.

A panoramic view of San Francisco from Matt's top floor Russian Hill apartment.

  • Matt, Julie and Louie at Matt's balcony.

  • Louie and Julie at our starting point, Viansa Winery in Sonoma Valley.

  • The group at Viansa Winery.

  • The view of Sonoma Valley from Viansa Winery.

  • Our first stop, mojitos with pasta.

  • Louie 'hogging' all the attention! haa haa.

  • Matt, Lindsey, Christine, Louie, Alan, Vivian, Julie at Viansa Winery.

  • Alan, Matt and Louie in a nice air conditioned wine tasting room at Viansa.

  • Sipping wine at our next stop Gloria Ferrer Winery.

  • Louie and John Sweazey, proprietor of the new Anaba Winery

  • Louie, Lindsey, Christine, Matt, Vivian, Alan, and Julie at Valley of the Moon Winery.

  • Louie and Julie in the wine cellar at Valley of the Moon.

  • Julie and Matt at Valley of the Moon.

  • Alan and Louie at Valley of the Moon.

  • Our last stop, Kunde Family Estate winery.

  • Louie relaxing at Kunde Family Estate.

  • Hanging out at Matt's after Thai dinner.

  • Sunset over the Golden Gate from Matt's place.