May 23

Craftnight with Friends

Saturday afternoon we host our first craft night with our friends. Stephanie, Kelly, Julie, and Louie stop by for an afternoon of painting rocks and drinking wine. This was Stephanie, Kelly and Julie's first time painting rocks. We had some rocks left from our trip up to Redway the previous year. Stephanie painted a lady bug rock for her daughter Sunny, and she also started a 'heart' rock but didn't like how it was coming out so she 'erased' it. Julie painted a red car and a heart rock. Kelly painted a two sided rock with Japanese cartoon characters. Louie painted a kayak to match Chris' kayak. Toby fixed a previously painted rock which got damaged in the rain. I fixed my planter pot from a previous craft night.

After crafts we had dinner. I made pancit canton, and we also served pork loin, corn on the cob, and egg rolls. During our afternoon we also presented Stephanie with a house warming gift for her recent move in Sunnyvale. For dessert we had a birthday brownie for Louie who's birthday is on the 24th. Happy Birthday Louie. After dinner we sat in the living room and chatted the night away.

  • Stephanie starting her rock painting project.

  • Alan adding another layer of yellow to his planter pot from the last craft night.

  • Kelly looking for the perfect rock to paint.

  • Julie painting a red bus with her rock.

  • Louie with his birthday gift from Stephanie.

  • Steph's Pottery Barn house warming gift from the gang.

  • Toby fixing up an previously painted rock.

  • Kelly working on his rock with his favorite cartoon character.

  • Everyone enjoying the afternoon painting away.

  • Louie painting a kayak.

  • Don't eat that watermelon slice... you may chip a tooth!

  • Stephanie's ladybug rock for her daughter Sunny.

  • Julie's painted rocks.

  • Dinner time! I make pancit. Also eggs rolls and pork loin.

  • Kelly bakes a birthday brownie with nut.