June 13

Mom’s Birthday and Father’s Day in Fremont

While parent’s were in the bay area, we celebrated Mom’s Birthday (June 10th), and an early Father’s Day. We first had dinner at Pacific Buffet in Fremont, and then going to Andrew’s home to open presents, have margaritas, and sing karaoke.

  • Cedric and Colin enjoying jello and desserts at Pacific Buffet.

  • Uncle Alan and Colin at Pacific Buffet.

  • Dad and Mom and Pacific Buffet.

  • Toby and Colin.

  • Colin was a happy boy that evening... always laughing.

  • Happy Birthday mom.

  • I buy my mom a Henkle cleaver.

  • I get dad a llime green shirt for Father's Day.

  • Dad gets a GrandPa t-shirt.

  • I gave Andrew a 50$ gift card for being a Father and Grandfather.

  • I give Cedric a wolf bone carved Navajo necklace.

  • The next American Idol!

  • Alan singing 80's pop songs.

  • Andrew's new bird 'Beaks'.