June 21

Father’s Day at the Murphy’s

We celebrated Father’s Day with a great BBQ at the Murphy’s that afternoon. Bill BBQ’s steaks, Kathy made twice-baked potatoes, a spinach side dish and a couple of salads. For desert we had cheesecake and ice cream. Bill got a candle lighter in the shape of a rifle and a Hawaiian music CD.

  • Rocker chick, Georgia!

  • Bill and his butane powered rifle lighter.

  • Kathy, Toby and Tim.

  • Betty, Sheila, and Toby.

  • Emily and some Japanese plums. (I think that is what they are?)

  • Alan and a glass of Chardonney.

  • Georgia rocking it out on her guitar.

  • Emily's turn on the guitar.

  • Bill BBQing the steaks to perfection.

  • Look at me... I'm a rock star!

  • Happy Father's Day!

  • Patty, Emily and Tim.

  • The Cernas, Patty and Olivia, and Toby.

  • Everyone at Father's Day 2009!