July 3

Stephanie’s Birthday BBQ

We celebrate Stephanie’s birthday a couple of weeks late but eventually celebrated with a fun barbeque at their home in Sunnyvale. Toby and I arrived around 1pm followed shortly by Felicia, then Julie and Kelly. Bryan BBQ'd chicken, tri tip steak and Felicia's shrimp skewer appetizers with "hearts-of-palm". Bryan's friend Manu came by followed by Louie and Matt. Felicia's boyfriend Eric stopped by later.

Julie brought some potent Sangria, Kelly made a noodle dish and baked a guava cake, I made a salad. We had a fun afternoon socializing, playing tennis and Price is Right on the Wii, drinking margaritas and celebrating Stephanie's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEPH!

  • Me, Steph, Julie, Kelly and Felicia relaxing outside.

  • Alan and Toby.

  • Julie and Kelly.

  • Kelly and Felicia with Julie's sangria.

  • The birthday girl Stephanie with Julie.

  • CHEERS! Julie serves her potent Sangrias.

  • Sunny cooling off in the fountain.

  • Stephanie with her birthday condom lei.

  • Nice glasses Louie.

  • Louie and Kelly.

  • Stephanie with her daughter Sunny.

  • Playing double tennis on the Wii.

  • Blowing the candles on the guava cake Kelly baked.

  • Serving the cake.

  • Matt and Louie dueling it out on Wii Tennis.

  • Stephanie opening up her birthday gifts.

  • Felicia and Eric.

  • Julie, Stephanie and Felicia.

  • Sunny with her cool shades.

  • Stephanie, Alan, and Julie.

  • Everyone!