July 4 - 5

Independence Day Weekend

On Fourth of July we were running errands and came upon the Menlo Park July 4th parade, so we quickly stopped to watch the progression of families and their children in various forms of transportation heading down downtown Menlo Park along Santa Cruz avenue, quite a site. For dinner we head up to San Mateo for a BBQ dinner and an evening of games like Chicken Feet dominos and me learning Shanghai. Toby and I end the evening watching the Redwood City firework display from Redwood Shores. Happy Independence Day!

On the 5th we return for our 3rd BBQ of the holiday weekend. This time at the Murphy's we are joined with Tim and Patty and their girls, and Jim and Sheild with Charley and Georgia. Betty also joined in the holiday festivities. We had beer can chicken along with a salad and marcaroni salad. Later in the evening we lit sparkers.

  • SATURDAY: Parade in Menlo Park along Santa Cruz ave.

  • Parade in Menlo Park

  • An interesting wheeled contraption.

  • Spencer swinging away in San Mateo.

  • Alan on the swing with a gin & tonic in hand?

  • Rob and Bill hanging out in the backyard.

  • Kathy and Moira preparing dinner.

  • Spencer ready for his domino show.

  • Alan and Bill ready for dinner.

  • Toby playing chicken feet dominos.

  • Playing shanghai (me learning how to play)

  • Fireworks in Redwood Shores.

  • Hundreds of people lined the bike path in Redwood Shores.

  • The display lasted a short 15 minutes... oh well.

  • SUNDAY: Georgia and her Auntie Moira.

  • Rob, Tim, Jim, Patty, Moira with Georgia and Sheila.

  • Tim, Kathy and Toby

  • Tim, Kathy and Alan

  • Toby and Alan

  • Rob carves the beer can chicken.

  • Jim, Sheila, Patty, and Alan.

  • Olivia and Georgia.

  • Olivia and Georgia, and Emily giving her sister rabbit ears.

  • Praying at the table (Charley and Spencer)

  • Georgia with her sparkler.

  • Emily and a sparkler.

  • The kids playing outside with sparklers.

  • Alan and a sparkler!