July 18

Hot Dogs at the Cottage

We had BBQ'd hot dogs at our cottage for dinner on a balmy Saturday afternoon. Toby's parents arrived first with Spencer, soon followed by Sheila with her children Charley and Georgia. Along with hot dogs, Toby made macaroni salad, corn-on-the-cob and baked beans.

A while after dinner the kids played on the front lawn, they wanted us to spin them in circles. They visited with our neighbor's dog across the street. We then took a walk down the street admiring the homes and pets along the way.

  • Georgia sliding under the table.

  • Charley carefully tending to his hot dog.

  • Spencer, Charley and Georgia playing with Transformers in the garage.

  • Our patio table for dinner.

  • Me having an orange sherbet / vanilla icecream smoothie.

  • The kids visitng our neighbors dog across the street.

  • Toby taking Charley for a spin.

  • Sheila taking Georgia for a spin.

  • Georgia can't keep her cousin Spencer down.

  • On our walk we find a friendly siamese cat with amazing blue eyes.

  • Walking down Menlo Oaks Drive.

  • Walking back toward the cottage.