August 9

Burlingame Art & Jazz Festival

On a very warm Sunday we head north to attend this year's Burlingame Art & Jazz Festival in downtown Burlingame along Burligame Ave. We park on the other side of the train station and then walk up and down the festival full of craft and food vendors. We buy some lavendar salts, wasabi peanuts, ate some chicken-on-a-stick, and I had a margarita. We ran into Joe who had a booth along the main avenue, we bought some of his new pasta sauce.

  • Toby crossing the street to the festival.

  • Alan entering the festival.

  • Some neat japanese maples for sale.

  • Joe's "Sicilianaire" booth. We buy some of his new sauce.

  • Toby checking the street full of craft vendors.

  • Eating my chicken and sipping my margarita while listening to music.