August 11

Cameron’s 8th Birthday Celebration

Cameron celebrates his 8th Birthday today! WHOO HOO! After work Toby and I head down to Morgan Hill to his sister Marth and her husband Steve's home to join in the festivities. Earlier in the day they had a pizza party at a nearby play facility. Toby's parents along with Olivia and Emily, and Shiela and her kids came down earlier to join in the party. When we arrived in Morgan Hill the fun was beginning, the house was full of guests, Steve's kids were there and Martha's friend Natalie and her son were visiting. After a great meal of tri-tip steak, salad and fresh fruit, we sang Happy Birthday with a whip cream covered Angelfood cake with layers of sherbet. We ended the evening watching Cameron open his gifts. Happy Birthday Cameron!!!

  • Alan being attacked by Emily and Georgia


  • Cameron can't wait to open up his gifts!

  • Our hosts: Steve and Martha

  • Martha and Natalie, who is visiting from Burbank.

  • Emily and Alan having dinner.

  • Alan and Toby.

  • I didn't get a picture of the whipped cream that fell on the floor!

  • Happy Birthday to you.... Happy Birthday dear Cameron...

  • ... Happy Birthday to You!

  • Time for the sherbet and angel food cake with whipped cream!

  • Cameron gets a matching Sequoia shirt from his uncle Toby.

  • An underwater surf board?

  • Guess Who? It's CAMERON!

  • It's a gift opening frenzy... Space Police!

  • Recycled zip log pouch, very cool and 'green'.

  • Lego Power Miners! I think Cameron must like Legos!

  • What was in the big box... an E-MAXX truck!