August 12

No Depeche Mode!

This evening we should have been singing.. "I'm taking a ride, with my best friend..." but alas, due to vocal issues from the lead singer Dave Gahan, his doctor ordered him to rest, thus the concert we were long awaiting was cancelled. Brent and I did plan to have dinner prior to the concert so we at least kept that part of the plan. Brent met me in downtown Menlo Park where they were having their annual "Block Party" street festival. We ate at Juban, a yakiniku style restaurant where you grill your own food at the table.

  • Presenting Japanese Beer...Yebisu.

  • Alan's favorite cold unfiltered sake... Nagori.

  • At the 'Block Party' listening to the Stanford Band (not Depeche Mode)

  • Tons of local residence poured onto closed Santa Cruz Ave for the festivies.