August 14

Ricky’s 50th Birthday Celebration

Ricky turns 50? Hard to imagine! After work on Friday Julie picks me up in Menlo Park and we drive up to South San Francisco's Municipal Building for Ricky's big celebratory bash! We all worked together at Recourse Technologies starting back in 2000. Ricky, Julie and I were one of the 7 employees who drove cross country after 9/11 in 2001 from an Atlanta tradeshow back to the Bay Area, an event that will bond us all forever. Ricky's birthday bash had an 80's theme and many people came dressed up to reflect the era from women looking like Madonna/Cyndi Lauper and guys with mullets or in Miami Vice inspired outfits. They had a huge buffet with filipino food like pancit, lumpia and lechon (whole pig), both Julie and I had a second helping! They had an open bar with wine. During dinner we ran into some past Recourse/Symantec employees like Alex Sung, Andrew Manual, Victor Tham and his wife.

After dinner the Hawaiian group which Ricky's belongs to performed Tahitian dance and then his three daughters performed a Hawaiian dance. Then his daughters presented a very touching video tribute to their father which in which each described memorable events with their father over the years and just how cool and hip he'll always be. Then the dancing began... great 80's tunes pulled us all onto the dance floor! Throughout the evening Julie and I tested our knowledge of 80's bands! Before we left his wife presented a huge cake with 50 candles which had a photo of Ricky from the 80's.

The evening was a fun party with touching moments to honor one of the nicest people you'll ever meet! HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY RICKY!!!

  • Alan, Julie and Ricky. Love the leather jacket!

  • Julie and Ricky

  • Ricky and Alan

  • Julie and Alan!

  • Julie reliving her 80's coolness!

  • Ricky and Alex Sung

  • Patrick Nagel inspired artwork of Ricky on this huge card.

  • Victor! What cool pink shades! Alan solves one side of a rubicks cube!

  • Alan gets pulled out to dance Tahitian!!!

  • Andrew Manual, Alan and Victor Tham.

  • Ricky along side his three daughters and wife before blowing out his candles.