August 15 - 16

A Typical August Weekend...

On Saturday, August 15th we took advantage of the nice afternoon weather and had dinner out on the patio. Toby BBQ'd some pork on our little portable grill. We enjoy the nice warm temps of summer to take advantage of our lush outdoor surroundings.

On Sunday, August 16th we headed up to San Francisco just to get out of the South Bay. We really didn't have any specific place in mind but ended up parking at the Marina Green and walking toward Fisherman's Wharf. On our walk we were passed by many tourist who rent bikes and ride along the waterfront toward to Golden Gate Bridge. We went as far as The Cannery where we had a quick burger for lunch at In-and-Out Burgers. We stopped at the Maritime Museum to check out the restoration project on the Art Deco "Streamline" structure, the mosaics along the bay facing facade were impressive. We then made a quick stop at Alta Vista Park before heading to Safeway for dinner supplies, again it was a nice evening to have dinner outside.

  • Toby BBQing pork.

  • Alan looking forward to a nice dinner outside.

  • Dinner time!

  • Toby...

  • Alan...

  • Toby...

  • Toby out in the front yard.

  • Sunday at Aquatic Park, San Francisco (Alcatraz in the background)

  • Toby and Alan from the Maritime Museum.

  • Restored mosaics in the Maritime Museum.

  • Restored mosaics in the Maritime Museum

  • FWEE!