August 18

Green Day Concert

On a Tuesday after work, Julie, Kelly, Toby and I see Green Day perform at the San Jose HP Pavilion. Unfortunately Louie got stuck at work and couldn't make the show. We all met down at Kelly's in Santa Clara for a yummy pizza and salad dinner along with some citron vodka lemonade drinks (yum). Julie drove us down to the Pavilion where we parked by San Pedro Square. We missed most of Franz Ferdinand opening act and there was some initial confusion over our seats (some group was sitting in them), but once we settled in we were ready for a memorable evening.

Green Day was happy to finally playing to their home state and in their home town Bay Area performance during their “21st Century Breakdown” Tour. They originally formed in Berkeley in the late 80's. They began by performaning numerous songs from their new album and then a slew of their more popular songs. The band often (too often) involved the audience in their performances and had people come up on stage like family members (mom squirting the audience with water), and pulled random people up on stage to sing songs followed by the traditional stage dive into a mosh pit. The show was very well produced with video, lights, fire and pyrotechnics, more than I thought there would be. Green Day performed what seemed to be an extended set for the hometown crowd, and ended the evening with a moving acoustic set of Good Riddance (The Time of Your Life) - See the video I shot below on my little digital camera...

  • Dinner at Kelly's in Santa Clara.

  • Walking to the Pavilion in downtown San Jose.

  • Section 212, Row 8... waiting for the show to being.

  • Green Day!

  • The Pavilion was crowded but not sold out.

  • Flames bust out over the stage.

  • A shower of sparks during one song.

  • Alan at Green Day.

  • During "Minority" confetti flooded the air.

  • Kelly and Alan afater the show.

  • Toby and Alan heading back to the car (see Julie!)