August 21


We head up to San Mateo after work for a nice salmon dinner with Toby's parents. Afterwards we took Spencer, Charlie and Georgia to a park in Burlingame so they can expend excess energy after dinner. The small neighborhood park was located on the corner of Edgewood Drive and Paloma Avenue. Afterwards we went to Baskin Robbins on Burlingame Avenue to treat the kids to some ice cream.

  • Georgia riding the rocking 'bike' ... oh what fun!

  • Might as well make the most of it! FWEE!

  • Toby watching over his nephews Spencer and Charley.

  • Charley's turn on the bike.

  • Toby helping Georgia on the monkey bars.

  • Isn't that seat just a bit TOO small for you?

  • The kiddie seat fit Georgia perfectly.

  • The kids having fun at the park.

  • Hey Georgia isn't that your uncle Toby's cap?

  • At Baskin Robbins in downtown Burlingame.

  • Toby and Georgia at Baskin Robbins.

  • Everyone enjoy their ice cream?