August 23

Palo Alto Festival of the Arts

On a sunny Sunday, we rode our bikes over to downtown Palo Alto to attend this years “Festival of the Arts”. University Avenue was closed to traffic and was instead replaced by numerous crafts vendors and artisans. One side street was closed and artists used the pavement to create drawings using chalks and pastels, a big highlight at this event. After exploring all the booths and their wares and having the typical fair ‘chick-on-a-skewer’ we called it an afternoon and rode our bikes back home.

  • Alan at this year's Festival of the Arts.

  • Toby at Palo Alto's Festival of the Arts.

  • An artisan creating a masterpiece on the street.

  • One of the numerous street drawings.

  • A fantasy themed street drawing.

  • Alan and his 'chicken-on-a-skewer'