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Georgia’s 5th Birthday Party

On a very warm Saturday Georgia celebrates her 5th birthday with a Hawaiian theme party in Redwood Shores. At the end of the street they had an elaborate Sponge Bob Square Pants jumpy house for the kids to play in (kids of ALL ages). We had appetizers and hot dogs and even made blue cotton candy.

  • The party was set up in the garage with the jumper at the end of the street.

  • Georgia in the Sponge Bob theme jumper house.

  • The jumper had a ladder which lead to a slide.

  • Emily in the jumper.

  • The garage provided shade from the sweltering heat.

  • Georgia and her orange tutu.

  • Walk tall and carry a pony stick!

  • Kathy, Tim, Patty and Alan.

  • I had to go into the jumper!

  • Happy Birthday to Georgia, Happy Birthday to you...

  • Uncle Toby with Georgia.

  • Tim making some cotton candy.