September 6

King’s Mountain Fair

On Sunday of Labor Day Weekend we head up to the annual King's Mountain Fair along Skyline Blvd up amongst the redwood trees high above Woodside. Even though we arrived early there was a line of cars parked along the narrow shoulder of Skyline Blvd. Luckily we parked just across from the trolley stop that took us to the fair entrance. This year seemed usually busy, but enjoyed looking at the numerous craftmens and artisans. We bought some gifts and glass floating balls as well as a small pumpkin for me. We decided to leave before it got too crowded and headed back home.

  • Toby and Alan riding the trolley to the fair.

  • Toby amongst the redwoods. Lots of particulants in the air.

  • We bought a small crystal snowflake ornament.

  • I bought a couple of floating glass balls.

  • I bought a small glass pumpkin, something I always wanted.

  • One of the glass balls in the light.