September 13

Julie’s Birthday Celebration

Early Sunday Toby, Kelly and I began Julie's Birthday celebration, we first surprise her by bringing her to Stanford Shopping Center and stopping off at the front of La Belle Day spa... but psyche, we don't take her there we instead head over to Williams Sonoma for their 10am cooking technique demonstration on "French Braising and Sauteing". They cooked Beef Bourguignon in a slow cooker, and had one all done in advance since it takes 3hrs. They also cooked a quick chicken dish with babyportobello mushrooms in cream sauce, etc. One thing I learned, don't wash mushrooms, just brush the dirt off, washing makes the mushrooms absorb water.

After the hour demonstration we headed over to Max's Opera Cafe for lunch, there we met up with Louie, Matt and Stephanie. We had a nice meal, and catching up on life since it's seems like a while since we all got together. After lunch we headed over to our cottage in Menlo Park where Kelly served dessert, a yummy rich chocolate mousse. Later Julie opened up her presents. She got gift cards for Shell Gas, ZGallerie, "How Drunk?" drink coasters, lavendar linen spray, hand blown glass orb, and a year membership to SFMOMA.

  • Yellow dahlias in front of Stanford shopping center.

  • Intense purple dahlias inside Stanford shopping center.

  • Inside Williams Sonoma waiting for the demonstration be begin.

  • Eiko our cook starts cooking bacon for the beef bourguignon.

  • Jules holds up the expensive can of Demi Glace.

  • Eiko shows the dish after all the ingredients have been incorporated.

  • Time to sample the final product.

  • This is how to saute shallots and baby portobellos.

  • Alan, Julie, and Kelly outside Williams Sonoma.

  • Julie, Kelly and Toby after the cooking demonstration.

  • Louie and Julie at Max's Cafe in Stanford Shopping Center.

  • Stephanie and Alan at Max's.

  • An artsey photo of Alan and Toby in Max's.

  • Cheer's to Julie! HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

  • The cottage all prepared for our guests.

  • Stephanie arrives first.

  • Alan and Stephanie before the guests arrive.

  • Here comes Julie with Kelly, Louie and Matt.

  • Julie, Stephanie, Louie, Toby, Kelly and Matt.

  • My turn to be in the picture (why am I squatting?)

  • Julie blows out her one candle on one of Kelly's chocolate mousse desserts.

  • Julie opens her gifts!

  • More gifts for Julie!

  • The entire gang ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULES!