October 9 - 11

Visit Fred in Los Angeles

After work on Friday, I take a flight from San Jose to Los Angeles to visit my dear friend Fred. It has been a while since I've last visited. Friday evening we have a nice dinner at the Larchmont Grille on Melrose Ave., once back at his place he surprises me with an early birthday present.

Saturday we drive to downtown Los Angeles so we can check out the unique architecture of Walt Disney Hall, designed by famed local architect Frank Gehrey. After a short visit at the hall we head up hill toward Griffith Observatory. It was an exceptionally clear day for LA which afforded commanding views over the LA basin. We had lunch at the Observation cafe and tried to eat outside but were constantly bothered by aggressive bees, so we had to move indoors. That evening we had dinner with Fred's friends at Lola's Restaurant on Fairfax in West Hollywood. We celebrated Tom's parnter Antonio's birthday. After a great dinner, we had dessert and open gifts at Tom's apartment.

Sunday we went to the Farmer's Market in Melrose Place and ran several errands before Fred dropped me off to the airport.

It was a quick yet fun weekend visit, I enjoyed meeting his friends and seeing new sites. Thanks again Fred for a exciting weekend.

  • Having a nice dinner at Larchmont Grille on Melrose.

  • Fred on the front steps of Larchmont Grille.

  • Alan at Larchmont Grille.

  • Fred surprises me with an early birthday present.

  • Saturday we visit Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown.

  • I find Frank Gehrey's architecture so fascinating.

  • Fred against the stainless still curved walls of Disney Hall.

  • Some of the steel panels were like mirrors.

  • After Disney Hall we went up to Griffith Observatory.

  • Alan at Griffith Observatory.

  • The Hollywood sign from Griffith Observatory.

  • The Hollywood Sign as seen through the Observatory.

  • The Albert Einstein statue inside Griffith Observatory.

  • Dinner with friends at Lola's Restaurant.

  • Fred and birthday boy Antonio.

  • Fred and Alan, we've been friends for 31 years!

  • Fred and Ray at Tom's place.

  • Antonio's birthday cake!


  • Antonio opens up his gifts and birthday cards.

  • Sunday morning at the Farmer's Market on Melrose Place.