October 17

Olivia’s 10th Birthday Party

We celebrate Olivia's 10th Birthday at Tim & Patty's home in San Carlos. Kids came in costume and drew faces on pumpkins to celebrate the upcoming Halloween. Olivia wore a cowgirl outfit and even wore her father's boots from when he was kid. Emily was a cheerleader. Family and friends gathered in the back patio as Tim grilled salmon for dinner. Later that evening we gathered in the living room to open gifts. Olivia scored on new clothes. She also received an origami kit and entertaining lighted string toy. We ended the evening with the birthday cake. HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY OLIVIA.

  • Cowgirl Olivia... Yee Haw!

  • Relaxing in the back patio: Bill, Alan, Toby, and Kathy

  • Bill playing the accordian.

  • Sisters: Cowgirl Olivia and Cheerleader Emily

  • Be a clown! Emily and Georgia. (nice black teeth Georgia!)

  • Swinging it in the backyard.

  • Charley drawing on a pumpkin.

  • Georgia creating a Halloween face on the pumpkin.

  • Alan and Toby with their personalized napkins (thanks Emily)

  • Eating a salmon dinner in the backyard.

  • Emily in her new Halloween inspired dress.

  • Olivia demonstrating her musical talents on the trombone.

  • Everyone gathers in the living room for gifts.

  • Olivia and her new clothes.

  • Olivia with a string toy and origami set.

  • Olivia with a new scarf and jacket.

  • Cake time!

  • Patty and Patrice

  • Olivia and her string toy in action... wow how trippy!

  • Relaxing on the couch: Patty, Kathy, Sheila and Jim.

  • Emily gets tickled by her uncle Toby.

  • The birthday girl and her dad.

  • Happy 10th Birthday Olivia.