October 22

“American Idiot” the Musical

We attend the rock musical "American Idiot" inspired by the music of Green Day at the Berkeley Rep. The production was higher than I expected and the singing was great. The show was almost entirely singing, very little dialog, just the lyrics from the songs to carry the story. The musical was directed by Michael Mayer who directed the hit Broadway musical "Spring Awakening".

"American Idiot" focuses on Green Day's album's story of The Jesus of Suburbia two other threads about his friends, their girlfriends, and an ensemble of twelve, as well as new music from Green Day's "21st Century Breakdown." One friend, Will, gets his girlfriend Heather pregnant and remains on his couch getting stoned for the next year or so, and the other friend Tunny ends up in Iraq after being inspired by an Army recruitment commercial on TV. Meanwhile, Johnny (the Jesus figure from the album), goes to the big city to shoot heroin and delve into the punk scene. (SF Gate)

Prior to the show, Kelly and I drove up to Berkeley from Menlo Park and shopped along Shattuck before meeting up with Louie and Julie who took BART from San Francisco. We had dinner at Joshu-Ya Sushi. We had some time to kill before the 8pm performance time so we shopped for Halloween costumes.

  • Julie and Louie (the SF side of the table) at Joshu-Ya Sushi in Berkeley.

  • Kelly and Alan (the South Bay side of the table) at Joshu-Ya.

  • Walking to the Berkeley Rep in downtown.

  • Earlier we went to get Hallween costumes.

  • After the show they had a chalk board where you can make comments.

  • Louie, Julie, Alan, and Kelly.