October 24

Lunch with Florinda in San Francisco

I meet up with Florinda and Michael at Pier 39 for lunch at Fog Harbor Fish House. It's been a LONG time since seeing Florinda from our high school days in Salinas and at San Jose State. It was great reliving old time and catching up with the lastest news and happenings. After lunch we walked along Pier 39 toward the end of the pier to see Alcatraz and the sea lions. Around 3pm they got ready for their trip out to Alcatraz.

  • Alan and Florinda at Fog Harbor Fish House.

  • Alan, Florinda and Michael at lunch.

  • Florinda and Michael at Fog Harbor Fish House.

  • Florinda and Alan on Pier 39.

  • Florinda with Alcatraz in the background.

  • The catarmarran sails in front of Alcatraz

  • Alcatraz looms in the far distance.

  • The fast Rocket Boat ready to take off.

  • Florinda by the sea lions.

  • Closeup of the one of the hundreds of sea lions.

  • Hundreds of sea lions resting on the docks.

  • Smile pretty for the camera!