October 25

Birthday Celebrations in Fremont

On a bright warm Sunday the family gathers in Fremont to celebrate Alan and Victoria's upcoming Birthdays. We head over around lunch time for a huge feast with BBQ steak, oysters and fish along with a table full of filipino food and appetizers. Cedric showed us his archery skills while the rest of us tried to get a smile out of Aaliyah. After family group photos we opened gifts and then had cake for dessert. It was a great time hanging out with the family.

  • Romarr and Victoria

  • Toby and Alan

  • The birthday celebrants: Alan and Victoria

  • Alan with hosts Rose and Andrew

  • Dad with Andrew and Alan

  • Victoria with her daughter Aaliyah and mom.

  • Colin on his bike!

  • Cedric showing us his archery skills.

  • Aaliyah with her great grandmother.

  • Victoria, Rose with Aaliyah, Colin, Dad with Chicka

  • Andrew does his best with a kid size compound bow.

  • Time for lunch! or playing with Aaliyah.

  • Come on Aaliyah... smile!

  • Smile for your great uncle Alan!

  • Toby with Aaliyah.

  • Victoria, Aaliyah and Rose.

  • Family group photo!

  • Romarr and Victoria.

  • What similar smiles for the birthday celebrants.

  • Alan's gift!

  • Victoria's gifts!

  • Happy Birthday to you!

  • Toby shooting arrows.

  • Baby food not just for baby.. haa haa.