October 30 and 31


Halloween 2009.... On Friday the 30th, Toby and I have a sushi dinner with Stephanie, Kelly, Felicia and Sylvia who was in town for the weekend. We ate at Kyora Japanese Restaurant in Sunnyvale. On Saturday the 31st, we attend a costume party at the home of Chris and Louie in San Francisco. Kelly and Sylvia stop by the cottage in Menlo Park and we head north toward the city. We make a quick stop at Toby's parents before heading to Louie's place. While in the city we were joined by Julie, Felicia, Chris and his son, and Matt and his friend. We all had a great sit down dinner, followed by a birthday cheesecake for all the October birthdays: Matt, Felicia and I. Later Halloween evening we opened gifts. Thanks for the birthday gifts everyone, I had a wonderful evening.

  • Alan and Stephanie at Kyora in Sunnyvale.

  • Kelly and Stephanie.

  • Toby and Alan

  • At Kyora: Felicia, Toby, Alan, Kelly, Stephanie and Sylvia.

  • Cheers! Alan, Kelly, Stephanie, Syliva and Felicia.

  • Halloween in SF: Alan's revived Indian costume.

  • Alan and firewoman Julie.

  • Alan and shirtless genie Louie.

  • Alan and sexy construction worker Toby.

  • Cowgirl Sylvia and Louie.

  • Alan and Louie

  • Dodger's baseball player Kelly and Toby.

  • Toby's construction worker costume.

  • Alan and Toby.

  • Birthday cheesecake for Matt, Felicia and Alan.

  • Sexy wench Felicia and Alan

  • Kelly and Alan

  • Toby and Julie (kitty in background)

  • Matt, Louie, and Matt's date (I forgot her name... sorry!)

  • Blowing out the candles.

  • Ready to open gifts....

  • Julie with the birthday gang.

  • Halloween 2009!

  • Halloween 2009 in the city.