November 7

Mary’s 50th Birthday Celebration

We celebrate Mary's upcoming 50th Birthday with a big family bash at her home in south San Jose. Family and friends from around the state, and as far as Idaho, came for the festivities. It was a mini family reunion, the last time I've seen many of these faces was during the huge Idaho family reunion during the summer of 2008. The party had a huge spread of appetizers and snacks, beverages and even jello shots! The kids (including myself) enjoyed jumping on the huge backyard trampoline. HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY MARY!!!

  • Teri and Kathy

  • Mary and Toby

  • Alan, Patty, Tim, and Mary

  • Patty and Tim with Emily and Olivia. Mary, Toby, and Sheila.

  • Alan, Patty, Tim, Mary, Toby. Emily and Olivia in the front.

  • On the trampoline! Charley, Emily, Olivia, and Georgia.

  • How high can you jump!


  • Martha, Toby, and Sheila.

  • Martha, Alan, and Sheila.

  • Bill, Kathy, Tom, Toby, Sheilf, and Martha.

  • Sheila, Teri, and Martha.

  • Patty and Alan doing jello shots. (green = tequila)

  • Monica brings out the birthday cake.


  • Tim and Patty ready to do some jello shots.

  • Toby and Alan

  • Cousins: Brian, Danny,?, Colleen, Jennifer, Candace, Jessica

  • Alan couldn't resist the trampoline.

  • Carol visits from Idaho.

  • Christine and Toby.