November 19

Evening with Greg at Blowfish . . .

After work I meet up with long time friend Greg at Blowfish Sushi in Santana Row. I also met his girlfriend Crissy who was in Santana Row for the opening night of "New Moon", the sequal to the vampire trilogy. After eating sushi at the bar we have wine at Vintage Bar in the middle of Santana Row to sample some red and white wines. Then we head over to Straits on our bar crawl for MANY mixed drinks... maybe too many.

  • The Christmas Tree was up in front of Magianno's

  • Alan and Greg in Blowfish Sushi

  • Alan, Greg, and Crissy at Vintage Wine Bar.

  • FWEE inside the bar area of Blowfish.

  • Greg and Crissy

  • Crissy and Alan in Straits.