November 26 - 27

Thanksgiving in Santa Nella

On a beautiful clear and sunny Thanksgiving Thursday, I leave the bay area and head over to my parent's home in Santa Nella, out in the Central Valley. I arrive early and enjoy the day with my parents and my brother and his family who arrived the night before. It was a gorgeous sunny and warm day so we had our own "Thanksgiving Parade" down Santa Cruz Ave. Later that afternoon I joined my brother and dad who shot archery out at an open field not too far away. Later that evening we had a nice Thanksgiving meal. We then took family photos before adjorning to the tv room where I played legos with the kids while watching the Beyonce concert on TV.

We all spent the evening at my parent's house. Andrew and Rose left early in the morning to head out for Black Friday shopping in Los Banos. The weather was much cooler and breezy than the day before. By noon we all headed back home.

  • Colin and Cedric constructing things with large Legos.

  • The Santa Nella Thanksgiving Day Parade.

  • Andrew showing us his archery form.

  • Like father like son.

  • Wow look at all those bullseyes!

  • Colin sneaks into the picture with Alan and Dad.

  • Rose and Colin.

  • The Fremont Clan.

  • The Galindez Family during Thanksgiving 2009.

  • The Grandparents with their grandkids.

  • The Galindez men.

  • Alan's turn to play with Legos.

  • Cedric joins in the Lego's fun.

  • Mom and Dad in the kitchen.

  • Colin and Cedric, what's so funny??

  • Chicka strikes a pose.

  • Dad and Chicka.