December 4

Casual Friday, Alisal Style...

Friends from Alisal High School gathered at South First Billiards in downtown San Jose. It's been many years since we all graduated from our high school in Salinas and it was a blast recalling old times, past teachers, school events, and who dated who. The entire event was communicated through Facebook in an online event invitation. Former classmate Ben Soriano, graciously hosted the event at his billiard hall in San Jose. Many of us came from various places throughout the Bay Area, Monterey County, and Tony who was visiting from Mexico. That evening we spent hours reliving memories, sharing drinks and snacks, shooting pool, dancing, and hearing tales of the haunted pool hall. A couple of us ventured across the street to check out Brix bar / nightclub. We all had a blast and plan to having future get togethers.

Who attended: Alan Galindez, Tony Chinn Anaya, Benjamin Soriano, Angelina Tacmo, Sheila Tacmo, Berta Carbajal, Corinne Lopez Allen, Nicholas Ochoa, Gera Mendez, Suzie Dairokuno, Emily Rios, Audrey Sanchez, Janice P., Debbie Martinez, and a few others who's name elude me (sorry my old age)

  • Tony Chin Anaya and Alan Galindez

  • Tony and Corrine Lopez Allen

  • Ben Soriano and Emily Rios

  • Almost everyone that evening.

  • Berta Carbajal, Emily Rios, Alan, Janice, Angelina Tacmo and Sheila Tacmo.

  • Sheila and Alan

  • Going over old dance moves...

  • Nicholas Ochoa and Berta at a close game of pool.