December 23

Holiday Crab Dinner and Gift Exchange

A delicious crab dinner! The annual Murphy holiday crab dinner was held a day earlier this year to accomodate everyone's Christmas schedule. Rob, Moira and Spencer arrived that day from their drive up from Arizona. The evening started with the kids opening their gifts then followed by the annual 'gift exchange'. We then gathered around the dinner table for the big crab feast. It was fun evening of food and friendship... Merry Christmas everyone!

  • Sheila and Toby.

  • Betty, Bill, Toby and Kathy.

  • Olivia, Emily, Cameron, Charley, Spencer, Georgia and Patty looking on.

  • Patty and Emily

  • Moira and Rob with Georgia

  • Cameron gets a Transformer

  • Emily and a new pink umbrella.

  • Olivia and her new purple umbrella.

  • Irish cookbook and music.

  • The 2010 Murphy calendar!

  • Let the annual gift exchange begin.

  • Rob gets a car cleaning kit.

  • Patty opens the gag gift!

  • The kitchen table is ready for dinner.

  • Martha, Alan and Jim.

  • Emily, Olivia and Georgia.

  • The kids gather around Spencer's laptop to play games.