December 26

Lunch with Fred and Florinda

On Saturday we have lunch with Fred and Florinda down in Salinas. Toby and I drive down that morning and meet Fred at his mom's place in Salinas where we exchange gifts. We then meet up with Florinda and her boyfriend Mike downtown. The original restaurant choice "Salinas Valley Fish House" was closed so we ate across the street at "Monterey Coast Brewery". Fred and Florinda have not seen nor talked to each other in over 25 years! Crazy! So much to catch up on. An added bonus was running into Nestor at the restaurant. He was having beers with Darin and Kenny. How funny! After lunch we headed back to Fred's to drop him off and then head back to the Bay Area before the rains came.

  • Fred gives me and Toby a huge basket of lavendar inspired toiletrees.

  • I give Fred a Trader Joe's bad and gift card.

  • Friends since high school, Fred and Alan.

  • Alan and Toby.

  • Cheers! Mike, Florinda, Toby, Fred and Alan.

  • Toby, Fred and Alan.

  • Nestor! Toby, Nestor, Alan and Fred.

  • Fred, Florinda and Alan.

  • Nestor and Alan.

  • Fred, Alan, Florinda and Mike.

  • Fred, Alan and Florinda.