December 27

Memorial Park

On a cool damp Sunday we venture over the hills past Woodside on Hwy 84 past the little town of La Honda to Memorial Park. The mist hovered low between the redwood trees as we hiked along Pescadero Creek. Mushrooms pentifully grew among the fallen trees and moss covered stumps. Sections of the campground were closed and we were one of the few people in the park which made for such a wonderful journey.

  • Toby in a coastal redwood tree.

  • The sun filtering through the redwoods.

  • Mushrooms sprouting from a fence post.

  • What are these red berries??

  • By the swimming area along Pescadero Creek.

  • Walking along Pescadero Creek's river bank.

  • Along Pescadero Creek

  • Tiny mushroom tower above the moss covered stump.

  • Mist trapped in the dense redwood canopy.

  • Moss covered fence along the Creek Trail.

  • FWEE... at the park's amphitheater.