December 30

Dinner at Mayes Oyster House

Dinner at Mayes! The family has an evening out at Mayes Oyster House in San Francisco. After on Wednesday Toby and I head over to San Mateo before driving up to the City. Whe met up with Moira and Rob, Sheila and Jim, and Tim and Patty as their respective families. There were 15 total in our dinner party. We had a wonderful time with drinks, oysters, delicious meals and even a little celebratory cake with candles for Kathy and Bill. We later toured the kitchen area and food storage areas in the basement of the restaurant. Thanks again for a wonderful time at Mayes!

  • Outside the restaurant waiting for the rest of the party to arrive.

  • Here arrives Moira, Kathy and Bill.

  • Moira and Rob

  • Moira, Spencer and Rob

  • Jim's family arrives, then Patty's family.

  • Patty and Tim.

  • Posing pretty... Georgia and Emily.

  • Sheila, Patty, and Moira.

  • Alan and Patty, Sheila and Moira.

  • HAPPY NEW YEAR! Spencer, Charley and Olivia.

  • Blow out your candles!

  • At the dinner table. Mmmm... oysters!

  • Tim and Bill.

  • Patty and Alan.

  • Toby and Alan outside.

  • Holiday lights on San Francisco city hall.