January 23

Cedric’s 8th Birthday at Chuck E. Cheese

For Cedric's 8th birthday the family gathers at Chuck E Cheese Pizza in Newark. Mom and Dad come over for the day while Toby and I head over after shopping at Newpark Mall. We all met at the venue at 1pm for the celebration. Chuck E Cheese was a very popular place that Saturday afternoon, full of families and their kids. Cedric enjoyed the day full of games and pizza. We had a chance to try some of the games and even a very difficult dance type game (not like Dance Dance revolution). Happy 8th Birthday Cedric!

  • Janell and Alan at Chuck E Cheese.

  • Toby and Rose

  • Janell and Toby

  • Andrew watches Colin on the small Merry-Go-Round.

  • Cedric intensely firing away at one of the arcade games.

  • Andrew playing pinball.

  • Mom and Colin watch Cedric play.

  • Alan and Janell trying out this new fangle dance machine.

  • This was MUCH harder than Dance Dance Revolution.

  • Janell riding the WaveRunner race game.

  • The birthday boy playing away.

  • Andrew in a helicopter game.

  • I get Cedric a Bionicle lego toy.