February 14

Sawywer Camp Trail in the Fog

On a calm yet foggy Valentine's morning we head up to Millbrae and walk the Sawyer Camp Trail. The dense fog enveloped the area giving a very haunting mystical feel and also allowed fro some great photography. The morning dew rested on numerous intricate orb spider webs along the trail.

  • Morning dew on a spider web.

  • Toby gazing at one of the many spider webs along our trail.

  • These yellow trees were in full bloom.

  • Looking over the ravine through the misty trees.

  • Oak trees in the fog, very haunting.

  • Haunting yet beautiful fog ladden oak trees.

  • Toby along the trail leading down to the reservoir.

  • Toby and the oak trees along the trail.

  • An orb spider in the middle of it's web.

  • Toby by the old bridge by the reservoir.

  • Alan on top of the foggy dam.

  • The trail leads into the mysterious fog.

  • The old fence along the dam.

  • Toby on top of the foggy dam.

  • Ferns grow plentiful along the path.

  • Small white flowers by the trail.

  • Flowers start to blossom on some trees.

  • On top of the fog ladden dam.