March 6

Kelly’s Birthday Event

We celebrate Kelly's birthday (2/25) with happy hour, dinner, and games in San Francisco. Stephanie, Toby and I arrive at Louie and Chris' home in San Francisco for happy hour. We were soon joined by Julie and Brian. After a few drinks and snacks we bused it to Clement Street where we had dinner at Q Restaurant for some eclectic American comfort food. Afterwards he headed over to Julie's home for gifts and a game of Mexican dominos! The birthday theme was apparently 'cup cakes'! Totally unplanned, we all gave cup cake related gifts and cards. Julie and I even gave Kelly the exact same birthday card! We had a great time catching up with friends. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELLY

  • Alan, Stephanie and Kelly at Chris/Louie's home in San Francisco.

  • Toby, Stephanie and Alan

  • Kelly and Alan

  • Toby and Alan

  • Julie and Alan

  • The Gang: Steph, Toby, Louie, Julie, Brian, Kelly and Alan.

  • On Clement St: Julie, Toby, Stephanie and Kelly.

  • At Q Restaurant: Brian, Julie and Stephanie.

  • Toby and Louie.

  • Cheers to the birthday boy!

  • Kel and I both get the duck confit.

  • Dinner at Q Restaurant in San Francisco.

  • Julie, Alan and Kelly waiting for our bus.

  • Jules bakes Kelly some birthday cup cakes.

  • Totally unplanned 'cup cake theme' for birthday gifts.

  • Give his bum a good hard wack!

  • All cup cake related gifts! Jules and I get the exact same card!

  • Happy Birthday Kel!