March 28

Hike Purisima Open Preserve

On a clear Sunday morning we head up along Skyline Blvd in San Mateo County and head down to Purisima Open Preserve to hike out along the coast range above Half Moon Bay and Pescadero. You typically can't see the coast along Skyline with the trees obscuring the view so this hike afforded us with many spectacular ocean vistas.

  • Toby at the start of our hike starting on the North Ridge Trail from Skyline.

  • View looking out toward Half Moon Bay

  • Toby and views of the Pacific Coastline.

  • Alan and views along the Pacific Coastline.

  • The day warmed up the further we hiked.

  • Pretty spring wildflowers everywhere we looked.

  • Toby along the Whittmore trail.

  • Can you see Toby running along the trail?

  • FWEE. Alan on the North Ridge Trail.

  • Toby with the Pacific in the background.

  • Toby and Alan

  • Toby on our hike back up the hill.

  • Moss covered trees along the forested section of the trail.

  • Toby on a tree.

  • Alan on a tree.

  • Wild strawberries.