April 3-4

Easter in Santa Nella

Saturday morning we color Easter eggs (first time in decades!), I brought half dozen eggs with me to my parents home that afternoon so the kids can decorate them with stickers. I arrived at my parents around lunchtime and spent Saturday and early Sunday celebrating Easter. My sister was at my parents as well. On Sunday morning, my sister and I hid plastic Easter eggs outside in the backyard for the egg hunt. Cedric and Colin searched frantically for eggs hidden in various places throughout the backyard. I had a nice family Easter weekend. I returned back to the bay area early afternoon.

  • Toby dying the eggs in the PAAS vinegar egg solution.

  • Our bright eggs drying in the cart tray.

  • Alan and a bowl of Easter Eggs.

  • Toby and a bright bowl of eggs.

  • In Santa Nella: Colin putting stickers on the eggs.

  • Cedric and Colin putting stickers on the Easter Eggs.

  • Andrew with one of his new baby birds.

  • Dad and Cedric looking at the other new baby bird.

  • Chicka wondering what's happening!

  • The Galindez computer lab.

  • Cedric feeding on of the baby birds.

  • Colin showing off his musical abilities.

  • Dad playing with his new iPod Shuffle.

  • The Fremont Galindez Clan.

  • The Galindez Family.

  • The Galindez Family losing it.

  • Cedric, Andrew and Colin.

  • Now be serious.

  • Siblings: Andrew, Janell, and Alan.

  • Colin and Cedric hunting eggs.

  • Cedric Easter Egg hunting.

  • Does Colin see the egg in the tree???

  • Chicka cozying up with mom.

  • Colin with his Easter Egg stash.

  • Happy Easter from the Galindez family.