April 9

Kingfish for Toby’s Birthday

Our group of friends celebrate Toby's birthday at Kingfish Restaurant in downtown San Mateo after work on Friday. We were joined by Julie and Brian, Kelly and Ben, and Louie. I believe it was the first time for all of us to dine at this establishment which was lively and fun, and busy for a Friday night. Afterwards we did continued the celebration at Peet's where we ate Kelly's (aka CC for Cup Cake) Guava frosted cup cakes... yum, and opened up gifts. Thanks everyone for coming out and celebrating Toby's birthday.

  • Toby and Alan at Kingfish Restaurant in San Mateo.

  • Ben and Kelly.

  • Brian and Julie

  • Louie and Toby.

  • Louie and our waiter!

  • Group photo of the gang at Kingfish.

  • Toby and Alan

  • Kelly preparing the cupcakes at Peet's coffee.

  • Cup cake time and gifts!