April 24

Aaliyah’s First Birthday / Andrew’s Birthday

We celebrate Aaliyah's First birthday at the new home of Victoria and Romarr in Oakley. We also celebrate Andrew's birthday. Family and friends gather at their home on a warm (yet breezy) day. The day was full of food and fun and even a JUMPER! fwee!

  • Alan and the birthday girl Aaliyah

  • Jump Jump Jump!

  • Andrew, Janell and Alan

  • Andrew getting ready to blow out his cake

  • Happy Birthday Andrew!

  • Aaliyah's Birthday Cake.

  • Victoria jumping HIGH!

  • Andrew with his grand daughter.

  • Daughter and Father.

  • Rose and Aaliyah.

  • Janell in the jumper with Aaliyah and Colin.

  • Alan with Aaliyah again?

  • Aaliyah with Grandmother and Great Grandmother.

  • Andrew opening his gifts.

  • Is that a birthday hat?