Mother’s Day

The family gathered at my parent's home in Santa Nella to celebrate Mother's Day. I drove down for the day and made a salad for lunch. Dad BBQ's kabobs and corn, and for dessert Mom and Rose made the filipino dish halo-halo.

  • Alan and Colin de-shelling pistachios.

  • Janell on the computer

  • Andrew and Rose

  • Me and Mom.

  • Family photo.

  • Mom and Dad with Chicka

  • Andrew and Rose

  • The Galindez Fremont Clan.

  • The Galindez Fremont Clan... close up.

  • The siblings.

  • Mom opening her gifts! DVD from Fremont Clan, Lancome bag from Mike.

  • I give Mom the Oprah book and a Big Island book.

  • Dad gives Mom clothes.

  • Rose get a nighty!

  • I give rose a bathroom gift set.

  • Chicka sitting pretty.